Hashtag 6: the Social Media Wars

In the future, will wars be fought with non-conventional means? Will engines designed for bringing people together and opening lines of communication be used for destruction instead? Some might say that they already are - all we need to do now is to militarize them. Like this. “Sir, we’ve got enemy movement, possibly up to … Continue reading Hashtag 6: the Social Media Wars


Warfighter: Toad Hall

How Wind in the Willows can teach us about small unit actions in warfare. That sound? Oh, that’s just the clunking of heads hitting desks, as people react to their beloved childhood book being brought under the scrutiny of the military microscope. But really, we’d be doing an injustice to that mighty asymmetric warfighter, the … Continue reading Warfighter: Toad Hall

The Donald Meets The Bard: If Trump were Henry V

Last week, presidential candidate and Republican nominee-presumptive Donald Trump decided to put on a more presidential tone. He gave a speech on foreign policy, won some primaries, and knocked the other Republican candidates out of the race. So it seems that through the will of the People, he has a shot at being President of … Continue reading The Donald Meets The Bard: If Trump were Henry V

Ballad of a Young Staff Officer

One Friday night, dark and dreary, At my desk I slumped, weak and weary. A late-night tasker, come my way, Too “urgent” to wait just one more day. “See here, LT,” the S-3 had said, “This suspense can’t wait, don’t mark as read, “Write WARNO, write FRAGO, pen the order, And ensure your slides have … Continue reading Ballad of a Young Staff Officer

“Of the Highest Order:” June 16, 1918

He bent low. His back ached. He could smell the earth below his face, the stinking, ever-present mud. Mercifully, free of gas. For now. The soft lip of the trench - or, what had been a trench before German artillery had blasted it to ever-living hell - was a dim reflection in the early morning … Continue reading “Of the Highest Order:” June 16, 1918

A Sultry Doctrinal Operation

  WARNING! Rated D for Doctrine: Not to be read by those weak of heart, who have nightmares about Joint Publications, or who are deployed and operating under General Order 1. Scene: A dimly lit Tactical Operations Center inside the Combined Operations Center, or COC. The low glow of computer monitors casts a romantic hue … Continue reading A Sultry Doctrinal Operation