The Donald Meets The Bard: If Trump were Henry V

Last week, presidential candidate and Republican nominee-presumptive Donald Trump decided to put on a more presidential tone. He gave a speech on foreign policy, won some primaries, and knocked the other Republican candidates out of the race. So it seems that through the will of the People, he has a shot at being President of … Continue reading The Donald Meets The Bard: If Trump were Henry V

Ballad of a Young Staff Officer

One Friday night, dark and dreary, At my desk I slumped, weak and weary. A late-night tasker, come my way, Too “urgent” to wait just one more day. “See here, LT,” the S-3 had said, “This suspense can’t wait, don’t mark as read, “Write WARNO, write FRAGO, pen the order, And ensure your slides have … Continue reading Ballad of a Young Staff Officer

“Of the Highest Order:” June 16, 1918

He bent low. His back ached. He could smell the earth below his face, the stinking, ever-present mud. Mercifully, free of gas. For now. The soft lip of the trench - or, what had been a trench before German artillery had blasted it to ever-living hell - was a dim reflection in the early morning … Continue reading “Of the Highest Order:” June 16, 1918

A Sultry Doctrinal Operation

  WARNING! Rated D for Doctrine: Not to be read by those weak of heart, who have nightmares about Joint Publications, or who are deployed and operating under General Order 1. Scene: A dimly lit Tactical Operations Center inside the Combined Operations Center, or COC. The low glow of computer monitors casts a romantic hue … Continue reading A Sultry Doctrinal Operation