Warfighter: Bunker Hill

When trying to understand Army doctrine, we tend to get too tied up in the gritty little details of doctrine itself. An example of this would be any number of the required briefings that come with with Military Decision Making Process (MDMP). Staffs spend more time formatting the briefing products - whether on PowerPoint or … Continue reading Warfighter: Bunker Hill

Warfighter: Hoth

Strap yourselves in, folks, it's time to ruin yet another timely classic by giving it the old "analyze it to death" treatment. And this time, we're going back a ways. A long time ago, to be exact, in a galaxy far, far away. More precisely, we're going to the ice planet of Hoth. If you've … Continue reading Warfighter: Hoth

Warfighter: Toad Hall

How Wind in the Willows can teach us about small unit actions in warfare. That sound? Oh, that’s just the clunking of heads hitting desks, as people react to their beloved childhood book being brought under the scrutiny of the military microscope. But really, we’d be doing an injustice to that mighty asymmetric warfighter, the … Continue reading Warfighter: Toad Hall

Stop Calling Us Warriors

If you've been in the Army longer than five minutes, you've probably been called "warrior" already. Or maybe "hero," usually used sarcastically when referring to basic trainees. But "warrior" is not used sarcastically. We have the "Best Warrior" competition. Soldiers injured in combat or in training go to "Warrior Transition Units." Thankfully, training for new … Continue reading Stop Calling Us Warriors