Jedi Council After Action Review

Scene: the ghostly apparitions of the Jedi Council can be seen seated around the room in the familiar circle of the Jedi council. Yoda shifts uneasily in his small seat, which is odd, because he's a ghost . Yoda: "So, wondering as to why we are here, you are." Qui-Gon Jinn: "We've gathered the Joint … Continue reading Jedi Council After Action Review

Guest Post: Stormtrooper Performance in Contemporary Operations

My fellow Imperial Officers and classmates, I hope this communique finds you well, I've enjoyed reading the updates from my classmates from Coruscant to the Outer Rim. I apologize for being offline for the past few years. In my last three years in Fleet Strike Force 2, the pace of action has often prevented me … Continue reading Guest Post: Stormtrooper Performance in Contemporary Operations

Mandatory Briefings: the Imperial Edition

This is an excerpt from First Order Center for Lessons Learned Publication,¬†Light Infantry Operations in Forested Terrain and Treatment of Indigenous Peoples. Scene: Imperial stormtroopers are seated in rows of benches as a hologram of the Forest Moon of Endor looms over them. Their company commander steps forward to begin the briefing. Captain:¬†"Listen up, troopers, … Continue reading Mandatory Briefings: the Imperial Edition