Five Bad Excuses for Not Writing this Week


This time of year makes me nostalgic; for crossing the Delaware and wrecking a Hessian Christmas. (Image by LadyHistory)

I’ve been bad. I have not written anything since last week. Here are my awful reasons for slacking.

1. As it is Christmas leave, my writing contributions have fallen as my intake of alcoholic beverages has risen. There may or may not be a direct scientific correlation here, that I am reluctant to investigate.


If you’re not drinking Scotch out of rabbi glasses, what is going on with your life?

2. I still haven’t see Star Wars: the Force Awakens because I swore that I would wait to see it with my two older sisters next week. I know, they’re evil. That being said, I have had to stay off most of the internet to avoid spoilers. Since the internet provides much of my muse, not much has been written.

3. Time. There’s been a lack of it due to holiday functions. Being religiously Catholic but of Jewish ethnicity, I tend to have a lot of holiday events this time of year. And guilt. So much guilt.

4. It’s breaktime, guys. My writing fingers need a rest.  And my brain. See number 1, alcohol.

5. Merry Christmas! It’s not a real reason, but I told you that they were awful reasons.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, possibly because of the hard work that my parents always put in to give me an idyllic day. As a result, everyone else in the world has to put up with my unrealistic expectations. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

No, I mean it, thank you so much.

And thank you all, for reading. You’ve made this year remarkable.


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