Star Wars Reading List

Updated March 3, 2017.

May the Force be with you.

It comes as no surprise to frequent readers that I enjoy making Star Wars and national security comparisons. As we live in a world where there are new Star Wars movies every year, here is a handy reading list of all my Star Wars-related blog posts. You’re welcome.


What Rogue One Teaches Us About the Rebel Alliance’s Military Chops What it teaches us is that they are reactionary and really bad at planning. So, exactly what you’d expect from a rebellion.

In “Point of Decision:”

Ewok Hearts and Minds The one that started it all. The Empire’s epic counterinsurgency failure.

Symmetry in Warfare Star Wars and asymmetric warfighting.

War on the World Wide Web DARPA is salivating at the thought of drones that can also conduct cyber attacks, aka R2D2.

Living on Hoth Intellectual challenges on the outskirts of the American Empire.

A Galaxy Not So Far Away The American military’s obsession with Star Wars.

A Galactic Day of Infamy What would happen if the Empire’s junior officers took over after the demise of Death Star II?

On “Angry Staff Officer:”

The Caliphate Strikes Back Star Wars and the Islamic State narrative.

Center for Galactic Lessons Learned  How Star Wars teaches leader development, strategy, and tactics.

A Day in the Life of the Imperial Staff Officer All military forces need an effective battle staff. Even the Imperial Army.

First Order After Action Review for Operations on Jakku Turns out, Stormtroopers like to bitch in an AAR just as much as any E-4 cav scout.

The First Order Complains What would happen if an someone filed a workplace complaint against Kylo Ren?

Star Wars: The Hope Awakens “The Force Awakens” removed the memory of the travesty that were the prequels.

Galactic Lessons Never Learned An analysis of the new tactics and strategy in “The Force Awakens.”

Skywalker on Trial: The Galactic Code of Military Justice is finally brought to bear on the cowboy, Luke Skywalker, for losing so many ships on Hoth.

Mandatory Briefings: the Imperial Edition imagines what a pre-deployment briefing for Stormtroopers headed to Endor would be like.

Error Message: Rogue One and Realistic Military Operating Systems What if the computers on Scarif were using the same software we use in the military? Oh yeah. I went there.

Imperial Maintenance Memo: Circle X’d AT-ATs My Star Wars tribute to all those executive officers out there. Poor bastards.

Jedi Council After Action Review It’s more like an after death review. What went wrong? So much. Just so, so much.

No More Task Force Rogue Ones: A Tactical Analysis of the Raid on Scarif A play-by-play breakdown of the Rebel raid on Scarif, and the lessons that it can provide for long-term Rebel planners. If there is such a thing as a Rebel Alliance future ops cell.

Star Wars by Other Means: Rogue One and Foreign Policy: How SciFi mirrors real life foreign policy, sometimes in a really depressing way.

Not by me, but featured on this blog, A Day in the Life of a Rebel Alliance Logistician. Great piece by guest writer Eamon Hamilton.

Also from Eamon is the fantastic, Galactic Email: Sustainment Issues for Director Krennic’s Shuttle which is the first post on my blog examining Rogue One.  Eamon also has Imperial News Update from Scarif on his list.

Stormtrooper Performance in Contemporary Operations Guest post from Mike Denny, writing from the perspective of an Imperial Navy officer to his peers about managing Stormtroopers in combat.

On “Task and Purpose:”

How The Star Wars Franchise Started As A Commentary On American Imperialism Ever seem like Star Wars sometimes mirrors real life foreign policy? Yeah, that’s not an accident.

Happy reading, and may the Force be with you. Or not. It’s pretty clear the pursuit of religious zealotry caused galactic chaos.

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